The First Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival

Presented by Hanhai International Investment Organization and Dingding TV, the first Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival took place on April.28, 2016 in Redwood City, California. It’s an international event gathering world-leading investors and entrepreneurs throughout Asia, Europe and the USA with the aim to showcase out-of-box thinking, transformative innovation, and critical breakthroughs in angel investment and entrepreneurship.



More than a hundred innovative entrepreneurs and scholars from the field of investment, science, and technology attended the festival. Some of the guest speakers include the vice president of Oracle Enterprise Luke Kowalski, QB3 Director and Professor of the Science Park Academy Shilijisi B. Kelly, Stanford University Professor nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics ShouSheng Zhang , vice chairman of Morgan Stanley , global technology director Collin butler , elastic curve founder , CEO Rehan Jalil and more.


The chairman of Hanhai Holdings , Mr. Hanguang Wang mentioned at the opening ceremony mentioned that in the context of economic globalization , countries have to implement innovation-driven development strategy and deepen international cooperation to promote scientific and technological innovation, it’s the only way to share innovation opportunities. Silicon Valley area is a representation of American innovation-driven economy , where scientific research strength, entrepreneurial culture , and venture capital act as the innovation engine of the US economy.  With this background, the “Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival” came in place. We are willing to work together with all parties together to create a convergence of international elite, integrated platform for international resource exchanges, to offer support for more investors, entrepreneurs, and international companies.30171156185

The first ” Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival” attracted more than 70 agencies to co-host the event, invited more than 90 keynote speeches and roundtable guests, brought together more than 300 start-up companies in China and the United States. In addition, more than 200 Chinese mainland enterprises and many CEOs of China’s listed companies also attended the event. 3 venues and a total of nine round-table forum were set up, covering topics of virtual reality, science and technology education , cross-border mergers and acquisitions, investment trends , the opportunities and challenges of global economy entrepreneurial , the opportunities to enhance the reality of the industry , investment opportunities in the precision medicine industry , investment in Silicon Valley ecosystem and leadership of women entrepreneurs.


The Entrepreneurship Festival is an open platform. With more partners continuing to join, it will become a strong influence on promoting cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship exchanges and cooperation.30172159810


Published: 2016- 4-30