Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest | Canadian Company Curiate Entered the Final!

2016阿里云全球创客创业大赛精彩落幕 | CCCIC举荐加拿大项目Curiate入围决赛

2016 Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest | Congratulations to Curiate as the only Canadian finalist !


The Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) is a global entrepreneur contest organized by Alibaba Cloud and is the largest startup event Alibaba Group has hosted to date. This year, regional contests were held in the United States, UK, France, Hong Kong, Dubai and in major provinces throughout China. During these regional contests, the most promising and innovative startups will be selected and invited to China for the world final which will be held on Alibaba Cloud’s biggest stage, the Yunqi Computing Conference in October 2016.

The North American regional contest was held at Stanford University on Sept. 10th. 12 companies from all over North America came together to compete for the grand prize.



Guest Speakers:
Junming Wang, Technology Section of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, complimented the active entrepreneurship within the Chinese community in Silicon Valley. He believes that Hanhai(in Chinese meaning the boundless sea) and Ali Cloud together creates a blueprint for entrepreneurs: ready to set sail to a limitless future.
Yingji Zhang, Alibaba Group North America General Manager
Zhang arrived the stage with a casual dress code, demonstrating Alibaba’s company values: simple, relax and fun. He presented to the audience on the development of Alibaba and its strategic approach in extending the company’s global footprint.
Hanguang Wang, Hanhai Chairma
Mr Wang flew all the way from China to attend the CACSC contest. Emphasizing the crucial role of Hanhai in establishing a bridge between China and North America’s economic and cultural exchange, Wang also indicated that Hanhai will continue to support passionate entrepreneurs in their journey to success. 
Curiate来自加拿大温哥华,是此次中加清洁技术创新中心CCCIC为加拿大赛区选送的最具实力的创业项目。Curiate为用户自动整合电视节目相关的信息资讯和奇闻轶事,免除了经由多个平台搜索、查看信息的麻烦。更进一步地,Curiate通过深度的数据处理、语意分析等,可以给媒体内容商提供有用的观众分析报告,包含观众分布、观看原因、兴趣喜好等。Audience Measurement是一个年产值93亿美元的大市场,Curiate可以为业界提供传统收视率之外的更多数据。同时,Curiate的团队成员拥有成功的创业经历。
Vibronix团队创始人是普渡大学正教授、国家“长江学者”“千人计划”专家,生物医学成像领域的国际顶级专家,发表高水平文章200余篇,拥有多项全球专利。团队成员均为普渡大学生物医学工程博士或在读。目前,乳腺癌肿瘤切除术二次手术的几率在美国大概是25%, 二次手术或三次手术不仅产生多余医疗开支,而且导致患者精神上的压力以及身体上的疼痛。Vibronix 开发了一种基于超声和光声成像的术中多模式切缘检测系统,可有效解决这一难题。这一系统可在10分钟内完成切缘检测,将二次手术率降到2%。
XtalPi是世界领先的以计算驱动创新的药物晶型研发公司,通过计算物理、量子化学与云端强大的智能算法,实现高度精确的药物晶型预测,并极大缩短药物设计、多晶型筛选与药物制剂开发的时间,对药企的药物晶型专利申报与保护起到关键作用。XtalPi团队创立于麻省理工学院校园,以量子物理学家与医药界资深专家为核心,拥有强大的研究与学术背景。XtalPi的技术创新与应用潜力受到专业人士的广泛认可,自成立之初就备受关注,先后在2015年“创启未来”和“创富中国” 两大赛事上囊括一等奖与多个专项奖。 2016年,晶泰科技荣获哈佛中国论坛创业大赛决赛第一名,广东“众创杯” 创新大赛科技(海归)人员领航赛冠军,并应邀参展了麻省理工学院创新企业展示会。凭借着强大的创新与技术实力,XtalPi当之无愧摘取了比赛的第一名,同时获得瀚海天使轮直投机会,并将代表北美出站全球总决赛。
Event Highlights:
One of the best Canadian startups recommended by China-Canada Cleantech Innovation Centre. The company is located in Vancouver, B.C. Curiate is a platform that determines what viewers are most curious about and presents the best content to satisfy that curiosity in a magazine-style format. The platform then provides in-depth audience demographics and engagement analytics to media providers. With an experienced team of passionate professionals, Curiate provides the industry with visibility beyond Nielsen ratings (which they currently spend $2.8 billion/year on) and beyond a media provider’s own subscribers via cross-platform measurement with person-level reporting across linear TV, time-shifted TV, and over-the-top and downloaded video.


The second prize winner of CACSC North America is Vibronix. Founded by Dr. Ji-Xin Cheng and Dr. Pu Wang at Purdue University. Vibronix aims to provide advanced imaging & sensor technologies for disease diagnosis and treatment.  They specifically focus on the development of optical & acoustic technologies for surgical guidance.

XtalPi (Xtal-π)

XtalPi, a cloud-based technology company, won the first place at the CACSC and received USD50,000 Alibaba cloud credit.  XtalPi solves drug polymorphism by providing accurate computational crystal structure prediction for small-molecule drugs.As an industry pioneer, XtalPi applies our expertise in drug virtual development to create innovative solutions for polymorph screening that can significantly boost the cost-efficiency of drug development for biopharmaceutical companies, and revolutionize the industry standard for drug development risk management, crystal form patent strategy, and lifecycle management.

此次大赛邀请了阿里云、瀚海、Bay Angels、Wisemont Capital、Motus Venture等顶尖投资人组成现场评委团。评委认真聆听了各个项目的路演,并在每个团队结束介绍后进行了专业性的互动问答。
在大赛的最后,阿里云的市场部总监Michael Lee宣布此次参赛的12支团队都将获得由阿里云北美事业部提供的1万美金云资源,助力各个参赛团队的创业梦想早日实现。同时,瀚海将在未来的创业道路上给予12个团队支持与帮助。
The CACSC invited judges from AliCloud, Hanhai ,Bay Angels, Wisemont Capital, Motus Venture and other top local venture capitals.  Interactive Q&A session was held after each presentation. At the end of the competition, Michael Lee, marketing director of AliCloud North America announced that all 12 finalists will be receiving USD$10,000 AliCloud credit to help to boost their business development. Hanhai also showed their support by providing financial and resource support to all the finalists.