April 15, 2016


China Canada Clean-tech Innovation Centre (CCCIC), a joint venture of Hanhai Holdings, Tsinghua Holdings,  Jilin Ruite Environmental Protection Group and Henan New Future Investment, was officially established on Nov. 2015 in Vancouver. The CCCIC is a China-Canada high-tech accelerator which focuses on clean-tech, medical treatment, internet and new energy industry. CCCIC brings the new business model “Platform + Acceleration Fund” and concentrates in the development of the environmental protection industry and other high-tech industry in China and Canada.


CCCIC, partnering with Hanhai and Simon Fraser University, recently launched the China-Canada Commercialization and Acceleration Network. This program aims to connect technology innovators and entrepreneurs with the people, programs, and resources needed to accelerate venture growth in both countries. C2CAN facilitates international soft landing visits for Canadian and Chinese startups to build business relationships and opportunities and connect with customers, partners and investors.

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